Cooper bear moves to a new home

I told Megan about how Uncle Mark and Aunt Sarah are getting a foster daughter that she will get to meet in October.

Megan: “Oh, they are getting a baby”.

Me: “No, she’s almost your age. She’s 4.”

I explained how this little girl needs a mommy and daddy and that Uncle Mark and Aunt Sarah want to be her mommy and daddy. I also told how she doesn’t have very many toys or clothes. I asked Megan if she had any toys she would like to give this little girl.

Megan runs to her room and immediately comes back with her favorite teddy bear, Cooper Bear.

Me: “Are you sure you want to give Cooper away?”

Megan: “She needs him and he needs her”



It was the weekend so he couldn’t jump in the mailbox yet and sat on Ellen’s dresser. The next day, Ellen cleaned off the dresser and put Cooper back in Megan’s room.

Megan tromps in our room holding the bear: “Cooper doesn’t belong here, he needs to go to Uncle Mark and Aunt Sarah.”


Monday morning, Cooper rode to work with me so he could get to the Post Office.



Cooper is waving from his “crate” before we go to the Post Office and send him to the Cape (should be there Wednesday when she goes home with them).




I’m proud of my little girl for giving so freely without reservation. Both of my kids don’t just give generously, they give their best.

Monday, September 9, 2013 by Dale

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